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  • Drools allows fast and reliable evaluation of business rules and complex event processing.
  • Common use cases for stateless rule session:
    • Validation
    • Calculation
    • Routing and Calculation
  • Common use cases for stateful rule session:
    • Monitoring
    • Diagnostics
    • Logistics
    • Compliance
  • Along with other technologies, Drools offers extensive integration with Spring or Camel.

You can begin developing with Drools by adding the following two entries to your build.gradle file:

compile: group: 'org.drools', name: 'drools-core', version: '7.11.0.Final'
compile: group: 'org.drools', name: 'drools-compiler', version: '7.11.0.Final'

A good place to start a discussion about Drools development is the knowledge session, which comes in either the stateless or stateful variety.