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Punta Laguna

If you should be going to Tulum, remember to bring some hiking shoes to consult with Punta Laguna, found at lower than a 30 minutes drive from city. The forests fans will love the 5000 hectare nature that is wide which Punta Laguna is section of. Punta Laguna can be an eco-touristic spot where you can observe the character and wildlife. During your excursion, you shall get to look at spider monkeys in the open, in addition to spectacular views of the jungle flora. In the jungle trails, you could see many others animals that are wild. An excursion to Punta Laguna, is really a truly impressive experience.

Tulum has also amazing coastal landscapes, and also the ocean here offers a great diving or snorkeling excursions because of the second largest barrier reef in the world, and untouched coral, great coral formations and an amazing ocean life with pleasant shocks. The landscapes in and nearby Tulum are very diverse and very stunning. In Tulum, there are a little bit of everything, the other doing for anyone. So this year, take pleasure in the Caribbean sea and visit Tulum.To understand about Shuttle from Cancun to Tulum and Airport Taxi Transportation from Cancun to Tulum, please visit our site Airport Cancun to Tulum Shuttle.


In the event that you fly on the rate bumps or topes along path 307, you can expect to destroy your tires and wreck havoc using the suspension your vehicle. They are NOT speed that is american. Even crawling over them is jarring. Drive gradually and treat them with respect.


Stay well in the rate limitation, particularly through Playa del Carmen. The policia are friendly and formal and can compose you a ticket and also you will have to provide them with your driver's license which is came back for you when you appear during the police station in Cancun to pay for your fine.

If you should occur to get stopped, its acceptable to profusely apologize, stating that you would not comprehend the legislation and then ask when you can pay the fine in the spot. Provide the officer $20 American. He will probably not go on it in the beginning, but you may get out of a trip to the police station if you are persistent, polite, and sincere. Yes, the money will in all probability enter his pocket, but the authorities in Quintanna Roo make extremely little cash and your generous propina (tip) can help feed their household. Think of it being a contribution to a cause that is good.


The filling stations along path 307 are all serve that is full whenever you pull in, an attendant will quickly start filling your tank. Remember to require a amount that is specific of. Into your tank if you ask him to, "fill it up," no doubt you will end up paying for a few extra gallons that never make it. Yes, you will come across people in Mexico working hard to split up you from your hard cash that is earned. But bear in mind, the normal wage is about $5 per day.